About Us

Our mission at Nightingale is to provide a legendary standard of care, compassion, and healing.  Serving as your “lady with the lamp”, a beacon of hope with personal care and a plethora of restorative medical services, confidently designed with only your best interests in mind. At Nightingale, we pledge to put life back into living.


Private Rooms


Acres of campus


Complex care modalities


Supervised care

Easing your rehab transition while making you feel at home


The Perfect Setting for your Rehabilitation

Skilled Nursing

With Florence Nightingale’s legacy leading the way, our nurses are trained, competent and highly proficient, with a large dose of compassion to match. 


Providing 24 hour nursing care with the specialty clinical modalities that will empower your loved one on the road to recovery

Rehab & Therapy

Our patients are here to get better, and we take that mission seriously with a full roster of Speech, Occupational, and Physical therapies. Offering a full array of restorative services, and a customized rehab program so they can start looking forward to a better tomorrow.

Residential Living

Welcome to your home away from home. Enjoy the privacy, independence, and freedom of your own home, and rest easy knowing that our round-the-clock medical staff is always on call for whatever you may need.

Dementia Unit

Our Gallagher Center secured memory unit provides a safe, home-like atmosphere for your loved one with functional and cognitive impairments.  Focusing on mind-stimulating activities and an individualized regimen of exercises to keep each resident at their sharpest.

We found angels at Nightingale.

My father's stroke left him severely physically handicapped, yet with an untouched and sharp head on his shoulders. It was challenging to find that balance of round-the-clock, comprehensive care, together with a patience, compassion and passion to give him the independence he deserves. We've found angels at Nightingale who provide him with just that. We're so grateful.

The Best Amenities for your Happiness and Wellbeing

At Nightingale, your comfort is our priority and no detail has been spared to provide your every wish and need. We are situated on a beautiful, scenic campus, spread over a full city block with outdoor courtyards to enjoy. Each of our 131 private rooms is designed with all the niceties of home. Our delicious meals are served in an expansive country dining room and our calendar is filled with activities, games, and outings that fill our halls with laughter and good cheer. Religious groups are held in our beautifully appointed chapel allowing for spirituality, faith and song.

Situated just outside the heart of the city, Nightingale is near all area hospitals, including St. Vincents, UPMC Hamot, and Millcreek. Making it easy, comfortable and even enjoyable to get the care you need.

Covid-19 Response

Nightingale’s priority is the health and wellness of our residents and employees. We understand the concerns surrounding COVID-19 and its impact, and we are committed to making sure our residents, their families and our community are aware of our active efforts for prevention and containment.