Getting Ready for Home After a Short Term Rehabilitation Stay

Jennifer Rhodes, COTA, demonstrates rehabilitation techniques to improve fine motor skills and dressing tool usage with Katheryn Hill. 

Nightingale Nursing and Rehab Center offers short-term rehabilitation.

The term Occupational Therapy might make you think of a vocation or job, but it has to do with a person’s daily occupations of cooking, cleaning, household tasks and the actions that are part of everyday life. Jennifer Rhodes, Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant, at Nightingale Nursing and Rehab Center works with residents at the center to prepare them for a return to home or lower level of care after they have experienced an acute episode, such as a sudden change, injury or illness. 

Ms. Rhodes provides Activity of Daily Living (ADL) training to improve her patient’s strength, balance, endurance, and fine motor skills to work towards more independent self-care. She has patients work with weighted bars, used sitting or standing, and dressing tools, such as reachers and sock aides to practice the daily occupations. For meals, she trains patients to utilize specialized utensils, plates and cups to achieve more independence with eating and drinking. 

The team of clinicians, Nurse Practitioner, Dietitian and Registered Nurse Managers, coordinate with Ms. Rhodes, the patient and family to develop a safe discharge plan. She conducts a Home Safety Assessment in the patient’s home to identify any challenges or safety risks and then works with the patient to overcome them. Nightingale Nursing and Rehab Center is equipped with a training kitchenette, bathroom and steps to simulate a home environment to work within. 

Ms. Rhodes shares, “I’ve always worked with an older population and love to hear their stories and backgrounds. It is rewarding to give back to the generation that gave so much”. The Occupational Therapy team, consisting of five therapists and many combined years of experience, is available to work with patients daily. Patients newly admitted to the center are assessed for treatments within 24 hours, including weekends. 

Nightingale Nursing and Rehab Center, located between Wilson Middle/High School and St. John the Baptist Church, offers a continuum of care including, skilled nursing, rehabilitation, secured memory care, long term care and personal care. If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Tonya Moyer, Marketing Department, at Nightingale Nursing and Rehab Center or email


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