Integrated Nurse Practitioner Reflects Significant Impact On Ensuring Quality Resident Care

Rebekah Frombach, Vitality Nurse Practitioner, has spent nearly a year working with the team at Nightingale Nursing and Rehab Center.  She shares, “getting to know the residents and staff are one of the best parts of the job”.   As a Gannon University graduate and after nine years of experience at a local hospital, Ms. Frombach has proven she has the experience and expertise to ensure residents are receiving the best quality care and experience the best care satisfaction.   

As a fully integrated full-time member of the team, Ms. Frombach is available to the residents and staff to quickly intervene and address acute medical issues.   This often results in reducing unnecessary transfers out to the hospital.  By having a consistent presence in the Center, she is able to identify subtle changes in a resident’s condition and prevent conditions from worsening.         

Ms. Frombach is essential in coordinating the medical care with Dr. James Gade, Medical Director, and Dr. Frank Pregler, Attending Physician.   She also has the support of Vitality NP Services offering after-hours, holiday and weekend on-call nurse practitioner services, as well as telehealth services to ensure all resident medical needs are met at all times. 

She fulfills a complimentary role with the Nightingale Nursing and Rehab Center clinical team to see new residents upon admission, identify any high-risk concerns that may call for increased monitoring and respond to clinical alerts quickly.   Throughout a resident’s stay, the nurse practitioner plays an important role in wound and infection control practices, incident interventions, interdisciplinary care planning, and coordination of diagnostics such as imaging, laboratory, and clinical reports.  To ensure safe discharges are carried out, she works with social services, pharmacy, therapy and nursing to return residents to the highest level of care possible. 

According to Jonali Derry, Nursing Home Administrator, “With Rebekah’s help, the Center has been able to improve the Quality Measure reflecting the percentage of short-stay residents who are re-hospitalized after admission and who have had an outpatient emergency department visit”.  The Center has a 9.5% re-hospitalization percentage on a 22.8% National average and 22.0% State average benchmark.  Emergency department visits are at 9.6% on a 12.5% National average and 10.2% State average.   Lower percentages are better in both measures.   


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